Server Management

Who is keeping your company’s heartbeat healthy?

Let us save your sanity. You can save time and money by using our 24x7 server management services, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Whether your servers are at your office or an off-site datacenter, we can provideyou with the expertise needed to make sure things run smoothly. Our skilled engineers will treat your servers as if they were our own, offering the same quality management services and around-the-clock personalized support.

Our highly trained and skilled system engineers monitor your network for critical issues and alerts to ensure the safety and continuity of your system. Our monitoring is watching your nightly backups, daily anti-virus update checks, hard disk health and available capacity, outage reviews and constant hacker attempt monitoring. We couple this remote capability with a monthly visit to your business where we perform a detailed inspection and check list review to be as thorough as possible.

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