Who is stealing your data?

Did you know that your network is always under constant attack? Hackers, phishers, viruses, malware, spam, and much more are pounding on the gates of your network every single day, trying to get in and disrupt your workflow and ultimately bring your business operations to it's knees. Your network must actively defend against every possible vulnerability, while attackers only need to find and exploit a single weakness to hit a home run. So how can you keep up with, and manage this constantly evolving predicament?

Our service goes far beyond anti-virus and firewall security protection in that we provide daily monitoring to ensure your security software is running, up to date, and the computer is not infected. Additionally we prevent malware infections from activating with our Web Security service. We also manage all of the Microsoft Windows updates to make sure all security patches are installed and we prevent users from visiting websites that are known for data theft and other harmful activities to you organization. You also have the ability to block your employees from visiting websites that you deem to be inappropriate or a productivity drain. We sit down with you and look at categories like shopping, dating websites, social networking, etc. and give you the option on whether you want to allow users access or not.

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