Netmanage Hosted

Hosted Locally - anytime, anywhere access to your business software and data.

First, Team provides a dedicated high speed Internet circuit which means the only traffic on your connection is from your users. This provides multiple advantages in performance and security since you are not sharing with thousands of other companies and this is a private circuit.

Second, Team provides a dedicated server. This is a physical server not a virtual server. We use brand new current model HP Servers. This also provides multiple advantages in performance and security. For example if your Internet service is down for an extended period of time, we can simply relocate the server to your offices for on-site functionality.

Additionally, we monitor the server 24x7 to ensure your data is successfully backed up nightly, perform daily anti-virus update checks, review hard disk health and available capacity, outage reviews and constant hacker attempt monitoring. We also proactively review and apply system updates as they become available to keep things up to date.

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